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The evolution of web searching

Online Information Review - Apr 00

Evolution of Web Searching

This paper won the award for 'Most Outstanding Paper' published in the 2000 volume of the Online Information Review journal, as selected by the editor and the editorial advisory board. It has been cited by sixty other research papers. It is almost 9,000 words long and has therefore been broken into sections for publication on this website:


Section one: Defining the web: Static vs Dynamic web pages, the 'visible' and 'invisible' web

Section two: Search engines and web directories explained

Section three: Portalisation - the emergence of search sites

Section four: Search technology evolves:

  • Meta Searching

  • Popularity based analysis

  • Natural language searching

  • Links analysis

  • Newsgroup searching

  • Subject specific indexes

Section five: Search Utilities and Intelligent Agents

Section six: XML - Structured searching and seamless data interchange

Section seven: The Future:

  • Micro-payments for searches

  • Searching outsourced?

  • Portals go mobile

  • Search Engine Standardisation

  • Order vs Chaos


Appendix - Company Profiles

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